Which one? Traditional, National or International Marriage

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In this modern era, when you plan to hold a wedding, there are so many choices on how the concept will be carried. Will your wedding be held with an international theme or with a traditional concept. Consisting of more than 1000 ethnic groups, each tribe in Indonesia has different customs and cultures, including in carrying out a marriage procession. The difference that sometimes makes the bride and groom, especially those from different tribes, it is difficult to decide whether to hold a marriage by carrying the tradition of origin of the two brides, or one of the brides, or even negate both for practical reasons.
Here are some reasons to help you choose to hold a wedding with a traditional concept or choose a national or even international concept.

traditional wedding reasons:
• Traditional marriages are usually carried out by those who have the blood of a dominant descendant or even no mixture of other tribes
• The development of times and technology enables couples of different ethnic groups to meet and have marriages. Under these conditions, marriage usually takes place with two traditional concepts.
• By carrying out traditional marriages, all families and relatives also become part of the wedding ceremony. In contrast to national or international marriages where they may not be too much involved and are only invited to “watch” it.

Reasons for national / international marriage:
• The absence of a customary procession is usually due to couples who are going to get married with bloodlines of mixed blood from various tribes or even other country descent.
• Marriage without custom is believed to be more practical and faster. Suitable for couples who do not want to be complicated with long and long traditional matters. Marriage without custom also allows couples to be able to try national or international outfits that are more comfortable and can be adjusted as desired.

• Customary marriages can cost more than national or international marriages. The existence of a long customary procession and the involvement of many people makes the cost of marriage increasingly swell

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