Wedding Dresses For Guys Don’t Have To Be Stiff. 9 Models of This Unusual Wedding Dress Will Impress at Your Wedding

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One of the happiest moments in your life is marriage. Sacred procession with a million preparations that are complicated but exciting, you always look forward to even excited. Surely you have thought about vital preparations such as bridal clothing, catering or building decoration in advance. Usually the preparation of your wedding dress is the most important, because the process of fitting, sewing and finishing that does take a little longer. It’s only natural that it’s complicated, marriage is only once in life. Yes or no?

1. Be an unusual groom! The combination of a checkered shirt with suspenders can give a vintage and unique impression on your wedding day


2. If you are lazy to feel hot during your wedding procession, try to mix a plain white shirt, vest and striped tie with bright colors. This mix and match will give an elegant and chic impression.


If you’re the type of guy who is lazy to wear a suit for fear of being hot, wearing a calm-colored vest looks like it can be a helper. Rely on a plain white shirt and brightly striped tie also to sweeten your casual look. If possible, make matching colors for your vest and pants so they don’t seem too crowded

3. Like being a king for a day, wearing a wedding suit from the Middle East can make you appear authoritative but still modern


4. Want to seem relaxed but still casual? You can wear a floral shirt, suspenders and unique cute bow tie.


If you have a lot of your favorite shirt in the closet, try to use ‘them’ to be a silent witness at your wedding. Without reducing the official impression, you can mix with suspenders and bow ties, really. Seru Isn’t it fun if the cost of the wedding becomes economical because your wedding dress doesn’t buy?

5. Permanent appearance with the idol with pink accents, let’s go! Without being too cute, white and pink make you look cheerful.


6. Re-use your plain white shirt with suspenders and black pants. Look elegant but simple you will get it in an instant!


If you think this style is too simple, you can replace suspenders with brightly colored suits to match your bow tie. Look elegant but still simple is not impossible anymore you get.

7. This dark gray velvet suit is also a must for you to make a reference for! The warm and friendly impression will stand out in you with this style.


Without forgetting the flowers and handkerchief, you can wear this dark gray velvet suit to sweeten your happy day’s appearance. Even if you have to spend a little deep for this suit, it won’t be a problem because it can be used as a long-term investment and add a collection of suits in your closet.

8. Get ready to be the happiest groom with this dark brown beskap. Simple, inexpensive, and makes you look dashing instantly.


Who doesn’t know beskap? This traditional Javanese wedding dress has been favored because it can give a simple impression but still neat if combined with the right motives. By choosing casual colors, you can also look great on your historic day.

9. If you keep your choice of suit, it’s not a problem. Wear a wine-colored suit with a combination of black so that the impression remains handsome in you.


Be the luckiest groom by wearing a wine-colored suit that is still not widely chosen. This dark but sweet color is able to display the real handsome impression with a combination of black on the neck down and wrists. Put flowers in your pocket so that it will be okay and pleasing to the eye.

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