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For those of you who are confused about determining the theme of wedding decorations, don’t worry because this time we will share some concepts or themes of wedding decorations that are the bride’s favorite. Here are some inspirational theme decorations for your dream wedding:

1. Custom Themed Decorations

Dekorasi Pernikahan Tema Adat Pict

For this one decoration is usually called the traditional wedding decorations. Where this theme is strongly influenced by customs and culture in each region. The selection of this custom theme will further strengthen the sacredness of a marriage. Some examples of custom wedding decorations are:

a. Javanese Traditional Decoration

Dekorasi Pernikahan Tema Adat Jawa Pict

b. Sundanese Traditional Decoration

Dekorasi Pernikahan Tema Adat Sunda Pict

For Sundanese traditional wedding, usually a wedding will be identical with bamboo. Like the gate, pillars of flowers, tables and upholstery chairs are usually made of bamboo. Besides that there will be jasmine flowers that are left hanging like curtains and nightly flowers on the roof will be a typical view at the Sundanese traditional wedding aisle.

2. Shabby Chic

Dekorasi Pernikahan Shabby Chic Wedding Pict

The concept of Shabby Chic is usually a favorite of women. Because this concept carries the strong side of romanticism and feminism. Starting from the selection of pink and pastel colors and identical to floral patterns. Which woman doesn’t want her wedding to be full of romanticis.

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