Wanna try outdor wedding? Check out some of these auctions.

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1. The first outdoor aisle is a chair that is predominantly purple. A layer made of floral acrylic which has a blend of pastel colors will make your wedding look luxurious. Moreover, coupled with lavender flowers!


2.The second idea is to use a banana tree. Just mix it with old doors and curtains to give the impression of a vintage


3. This aisle is quite simple but can still be applied if you have a large yard at home. Aisle can be made of wood sprinkled with flowers. Whereas the guest table uses an elongated wooden table.

photo: Instagram / @ marketrustic

4. Now this is a simple and simple wedding decoration
The key to simple wedding decoration is to minimize excessive decoration and take advantage of the facilities that are already available.

photo: Instagram / @ marketrustic

5. A wedding can also be made of rattan and teak wood. This adds to the feel of blending into nature.

photo: Instagram / @antamanggala_weddinggalery

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