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 There are many things that must be prepared in the moment of marriage. Not only the wedding dress, but there are other things like the building, catering, decoration. One thing that has become a trend of children now is
On this occasion do not miss sweet and beautiful moments to capture people who come in a photo or video in a photo booth. Usually it takes a lot of interesting and memorable photo booth inspirations for your wedding decoration choices.

1. The vintage rustic photo booth theme is your choice for Instagramable photos.
photo: Instagram/@hug.fleuriste

Using a wooden backdrop and chairs covered with straw is indeed very unique and Instagramable. Plus a lot of properties such as sentir lights, used wood tables and bride name symbol accessories add to the impression of a photo booth.

2. Photo booth with gate lamp concept gives the impression of glamor with lighting

With a vintage sakura atmosphere, the gate lamp is equipped with a mini lamp that is positioned at random. Two small chairs are also prepared so that guests who want to take pictures sit together for those who bring a partner.

3. The photo booth has a floral wall nuance and this album looks colorful and cute.
photo: jestpic.com

Floral wall is decorated with four-color flowers made of special materials so it is not easily damaged and dislodged. Also with white wooden walls adorned with rows of photo albums. Plus prewed photo standee next to it.

4. A minimalist simple photo booth using used plywood, but it’s still okay to be a background photo
photo: 100layercake.com

You can make your photo booth as creative as possible. It can even take advantage of used plywood at home, then color it with pastel or neutral colored paint. Just add a few accents to the flowerpot on the board and also form a pattern in the middle of the plywood.

5. This photo booth with flower market concept gives the impression of luxury.
photo: Instagram / @ jefferychophoto

You can also choose the concept with flower market or flower shop. Look elegant and beautiful with rows of original flowers neatly arranged like a flower shop in general. Match the color of the walls to match the color of the flowers.

6. Take advantage of the dark blue chair so that the photo booth becomes more Instagramable.
photo: Instagram / @ mariage_vintage

Simple but still unique by only providing dark blue chairs that can be occupied by two to three people. Plus a decorative frame that can be used for property to sweeten your photo booth session. To beautify, add floral accents to make it a beautiful frame.

7. You can really use the building walls to spot an Instagenic photo booth.
photo: Instagram / @ mahligaicreative

It uses a rustic theme but is simple by utilizing instagramable building walls. This brick-shaped brick wall is only decorated with three-color flowers.

8. 3D photo booth with a tropical theme that gives a beautiful and cool impression.
photo: sg.asiatatler.com

Tropical leaf garden is very popular nowadays, you can use it as a backdrop photo booth. You can choose ferns, dollar deer antlers and so on. You can also combine with artificial plants to add the impression of tropical forests and ornamental butterflies hanging

9. A plain backdrop can also be used for a photo booth.
photo: Instagram / @ Dekorasi_wedding_event

Not only incorporating elements of property, this plain backdrop also presents many features such as chairs, single tables and photos of the bride and groom. This concept can be used outdoors or indoors. You can still add decorations if you feel that it’s lacking.

10. Antimainstream photo booth with Indian tents.
photo: allanhouse.com

Indian tent tents you use for your wedding photo booth. Making a photo booth with this vintage concept you can use old school chairs, old wooden boxes, tables and lece fabric to make the tent. Also add decorative chandelier.

11. Photo booth with polaroid-style picture hanging, relaxing.
photo: Instagram / @ thefauxfernery

This simple, polaroid-style photo booth is also Instagramable. You just need to add your name and partner to the frame. Decorate with artificial flowers to give the impression of more life. This boot photo placement can also be placed in front of a large bepot plant in order to enhance your photographic images.

12. Photo booth using a balloon backdrop will give a cheerful impression.
photo: Instagram / @ burtonplusburton

Although using a balloon as a backdrop photo booth, but it looks different from other photo booths that use flowers. The combination of gold, peach and white colors gives the impression that is not too crowded but still sweet and instagenic. Balloons of different size combinations.

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