Tips on Realizing Intimate and Minimalistic Dream Wedding Reception

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Who among you aspires to hold a minimalist and intimate wedding reception? Instead of partying fancy in a building that is too mainstream, you just want a more private wedding party. Well, to make it happen, try to consider the following tips. Your dream intimate and minimalistic reception of wedding will be able to create it perfectly.

1. Choose a unique reception area

a minimalist and intimate wedding gives you more options to determine the location of the venue or reception venue. Because you don’t need a large-scale luxury building, but a unique and interesting venue.

2. Limit the number of invitations

Dreaming of a more intimate wedding reception, of course you don’t need to invite all your friends or colleagues you know. You and your partner only need to invite your immediate family and immediate family, plus some friends who are still actively communicating with you in the last 2-3 months.

3. Extend the duration of the wedding reception

If the reception in the building is only limited to a maximum of 2-3 hours, then you can be longer and more satisfied to hold your wedding at the venue you chose earlier. In fact, to make it more practical, you can hold a contract as well as a reception in the same place, so that the duration of the moment of being together with the closest people can be longer.

4. Provide attractive entertainment options

With a unique and attractive venue, sweet and homey decoration, you still need one more element to make your invited guests feel at home. You need to provide interesting entertainment elements.In addition to music and song songs, you can add entertainment in the form of photo booths in several places, interesting quiz interludes, video screenings about your love journey and your partner, even fireworks parties if your recipe is held at night. The entertainment choices were guaranteed to make every guest invited feel at home.

5. Remove the aisle from wedding reception decorations

6. Choose a more modern and casual reception outfit

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