This is the task of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

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At the wedding party, the presence of bridesmaids (groomsmen) and groomsmen (do not just appear to sweeten). The smoothness of a marriage process can not be separated from their presence.These bridesmaids usually consist of close friends or relatives of the bride and groom. In fact, they are also the people who best understand the behavior of the bride. No wonder if one of the tasks of the bridesmaids is very crucial.

In essence, the bridesmaid’s job is to help the bride and groom on smaller details. First, the bridesmaids are responsible for taking care of the dresses and dresses that the bride will wear during the party. In certain customs, the bridesmaid also plans events midodareni and siraman. They also contributed in the decoration of the reception room. If there is training or some sort of rehearsal, they are also present to finalize the wedding reception on D-day. In addition, the bridesmaid was also present as a row of receptionists on D-day. It should be underlined, the role of the bridesmaid is different from the maid of honor. In Western culture, the role of the maid of honor is to lead the bridesmaid who has been chosen by the bride and groom. So, maid of honor will be responsible for things, such as bridal showers and wedding gifts for brides. Not infrequently, the role of other maid of honor is to accompany the bride and groom to the fitting clothes or accompany to the wedding vendors.

One more thing, the bridesmaid is also tasked with accompanying the bride and groom walking toward the altar or wedding altar.

Meanwhile, Groomsmen accompanied the best man in carrying out his duties. Groomsmen’s tasks include attending all training sessions, being present as a member of the reception row, and helping to decorate the reception room. Groomsmen was also tasked with accompanying the bridegroom walking toward the altar or wedding altar.

In a wedding reception, there are no standard provisions on how many bridesmaid and groomsmen are. Usually, there are more than one of them. Another thing that is not less important, both bridesmaid and groomsmen are also advised to always cast smiles during the wedding reception. Their appearance must also be attractive and harmonious with one another.

Therefore, the role of bridemaid and groomsmen is very important and should not be overlooked.

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