The Important Role of Wedding Organizer in a Marriage

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Wedding Organizer is actually the same as Event Organizer in its basic concept as a wedding preparation organizer. Because, Wedding Organizer is part of the Event organizer. As the name implies, WO (Wedding Organizer) is a service that organizes all wedding preparation activities related to the needs of a wedding.

The important role of wedding organizers must be to provide services that meet the needs of speed, convenience, and practicality to overcome the time efficiency problems of urban communities. Event Organizer itself has a general function to coordinate, serve, and support certain parties related to the wedding preparations for the event.

In brief, here is an overview of why WO is needed in marriage preparations:

1.Not expensive

Many perceptions are wrong by saying what is the important role of a wedding organizer? while many friends and relatives can be involved. Or say that a wedding organizer is expensive, even though the wedding organizer works a few months before the wedding is held. There is a role that cannot be replaced by a wedding organizer and requires a family in it, such as the arrangement and financial management of a wedding.

Wedding organizers are not the same as family. And the family also still needs a role to work together. Family and important role wedding organizer collaborates with the work that is led by the wedding organizer as the party appointed professionally in planning wedding preparations.

The wedding organizer works several months before the wedding day. Therefore, the important role of a wedding organizer is needed in supporting the success of wedding preparations. WO coordinates with various wedding vendors such as decorations, photographers, caterers and others to ensure all plans run smoothly. So it’s not true that wedding organizers cost too expensive a wedding, especially when seen from the time of work and the contribution that can be given, the cost of a wedding organizer is not expensive and comparable to what they do.

2. Intermediate

Preparing wedding preparations, especially in Indonesia involving large families, is not always easy. Many wishes expressed from various parties. Not only the nuclear family, but also the extended family of the bride and groom. Bringing together the various perceptions, opinions, and desires of the family is not an easy job.

This is where the important role of the wedding organizer, as an intermediary and provide objective and unusual advice. Families are complicated and tend to be unable to give neutral advice.

3. Needed

Wedding organizer service business needs are always there because marriage preparations are endless. There are so many prospective brides who don’t have enough time to prepare their wedding day so they need Wedding Organizer services. Besides time, if you are included in the criteria below, it means you need the services of a Wedding Organizer:

4. Time

More and more prospective couples do not have time to prepare for their wedding day.

5. Ignorance

Totally blind to what and how to prepare for weddings, how to save money, how to choose a trusted vendor, because if you make a wrong move, your budget could be increasingly bloated and the vendor is not as you wish.

6. Domicile

You and your potential partner are thousands of kilometers apart while many things must be prepared before the wedding day, no one can help provide input or even energy assistance, this is where the Wedding Organizer needs to be present beside you not only as an organizer but also as a wedding consultant, because they clearly much more experienced.

7. Traffic

Conducting meetings with prospective vendors will obviously take time and energy, especially in the city of Jakarta where traffic conditions can not be predicted at all, then relax, let the Wedding Organizer do your work effectively

8. Thematic

If you have the desire of your wedding to be done thematically with a different concept then don’t take the risk, discuss it with the Wedding Organizer of your choice and let them realize it for you.

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