The engagement box reference to make your event memorable

Marriage usually begins with process and engagement to ask permission from the female family and bind the man / woman as a potential husband / wife. Definition of fiance is a term for someone who is a prospective husband / wife after going through a procession of application and engagement. the engagement is identical to giving a gift box to the bride. The following modern wedding blog will provide a gift box reference for the bride

1. The first gift box is a gift containing shoes. This gift can add a unique impression among other gifts

2. the bride would like it when given a gift of high heels. Beautifull!

3. perfume is one item that is very liked by women. so, you can choose perfume as an alternative gift

4. Yap, money can be used as a unique decoration like the picture below

5. Alquran is a mandatory result in a Muslim. you can choose the Alquran as the main gift for your engagement.

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