The beautifull Shoes Wedding You Must Have !

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As a bride, of course if you are busy paying attention to the little things to support the appearance of the day awaited. In addition to matching wedding dresses and makeup, footwear are included in the components that need to be considered also to improve appearance during the event.
To that end, Hipwee Wedding has prepared 11 beautiful elegant shoe references for the bride to wear. You will look more elegant and impressive during the wedding reception. Check out the review!
1. Beautiful heels that sparkle all the parts make your appearance truly charming. Very well worn as footwear for international themed weddings

Full sparkle via

2. You can wear plain white heels whose backs are filled with crystals. Sure you won’t look stiff or too innocent for you

Plain white with crystals on the back via

3. Nothing wrong with you choose peep toe heels with a touch of brocade with a small pearl decoration on the front. Especially if your wedding dress also has a brocade element, the more matching it looks.

peep toe brocade heels via

4. Or, you can also choose peep toe heels with a flower-like shape on the front valve. Gold stripes add glamor to the appearance

Peep toe heels with flower shape on the front via

5. For you who want to mix and match the glitter effect of gold with patterned cloth, you can cheat on shoes like this. Gold as the base color of the shoe, then the front cover is decorated with beautiful white brocade

Modification of the gold color with a motif via

6. If you are not comfortable wearing heeled shoes, you can wear flat white glossy shoes with ribbon and crystal brooches. Your appearance will still look elegant too!

Flat shoes are also okay via

7. If traditional Javanese custom is your wedding theme, then you can choose high heels from black velvet material filled with gold motifs. Serasi deh worn with Javanese black and gold kebaya

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