Outdoor Wedding Tips When Rain Down

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Do not worry, here are tips for anticipation that you can do when holding an outdoor wedding in the rainy season.

Setting up the Tent
The first thing you can do is to rent a tent. You can choose a vendor by including a waterproof tent package in it. Do not let your happy moments become damaged in the absence of proper preparation to anticipate this rain. Currently there are also many attractive tent models and can be adjusted to your wedding theme.

Setting Up Many Umbrellas
In addition to setting up tents, you can also provide plenty of umbrellas to be used everywhere. Even though it looks a bit troublesome, but by giving an umbrella according to the number of guests and staff, your wedding will look beautiful. Especially by choosing unique umbrellas such as transparent umbrellas, matching colored umbrellas with your wedding theme or colorful umbrellas.

Use Boots or Waterproof Shoes
Outdoor marriage is better not to wear high heels. Usually for brides, high heels can be replaced with wedges to make them more comfortable to wear at an outdoor wedding. But if you want to anticipate the rain, you can exchange footwear with boots or waterproof shoes. These waterproof boots or shoes you can adjust to the wedding theme or dress that you wear. For example, you can use flat shoes made of plastic with a little floral accents or use sneakers, depending on your choice and comfort in partying.

Don’t Forget Marriage Printilan
For catering menu selection, you can choose the appropriate menu. For example, during the rainy season, the air will usually be colder than usual. To warm the body, you can enter a warm sauce menu. To anticipate makeup that will wear off when it rains, you can use makeup that is waterproof or waterproof. It could also prepare a stand-by artist who stands by when something unexpected happens with your makeup.

Have a Positive Mind
In addition to preparing all the problems of marriage, you also need to prepare mentally with positive thinking in whatever happens. When it rains, you will definitely think that your party will be chaotic or hampered. But if you have anticipated it well before, coupled with your positive thoughts, everything will go smoothly.

Prepare Plan B
There is no harm in preparing a backup plan if things happen that are out of your control and the marriage crew. If it rains heavily during your outdoor wedding, the best plan for you to do is move the location of the party into the room. Don’t be discouraged if this happens to you because whatever happens, wherever your marriage is, if you always think positively it will run smoothly.

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