Inspiring Colorful Bridesmaid Dresses

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When our closest friends get married, surely we will be happy too, right! When you get a uniform bridesmaid, of course this is a golden opportunity for you to be able to wear twin clothes with your best friends. Usually, the job of the bridesmaids on the D-day is to accompany the bride and be at the forefront when needed. Therefore, the bridesmaid’s uniform must be comfortable!

1. Nude Color Bridesmaid Dresses with Satin


Bridesmaid uniforms are bare in color. It looks beautiful and calm with a choice of satin bridesmaids. For the model, it’s quite simple. Made a bell arm model with a strap as a belt.

2. Maroon Red Mermaid Dress


To bring the nuances of elegant bridesmaids, you can use colors that require old like maroon or navy blue. Mermaid style pieces like this will make the look look even more beautiful!

3. Dress for the outdoor pink!


If the wedding is held outdoors, of course you will need clothes that are as comfortable and as comfortable as possible. You can cheat on this one dress idea. Simple but sweet, right? Appearing with sunglasses is also fine, you know!

4. Elegant National Kebaya, Green, Beautifull!


Kebaya top, dark green brocade is very pretty indeed! Pair with brown batik cloth as a subordinate, and voila! Your appearance is very neat! To perfect it, don’t forget to style hair up, and wear your favorite brooch.

5. This silver silver weaving subordinate is a surefire way to make it different from usual!

Which bridesmaid’s uniform is your favorite? Besides determining the uniform, supporting your friend to get married is no less important! Offer help now that it has begun. Inviting him to hang out occasionally is also very good to help him release fatigue!

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