Inspiration for Bridal Gown by Modern Wedding

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For you nude colors lovers, of course, already know that this color is one of the prettiest color choices. Not only lipstick, kebaya or nude colored dresses that are used for important events will also look beautiful. No exception wedding dresses. The nude color chosen for a wedding dress will create a beautiful, elegant, and calm impression at one time. Its soft color will make your happy day look more perfect, ladies.


2. Inspiration Gold Color Hijab Wedding Dresses
For you who want to appear wearing a wedding dress with a luxurious impression, the gold color is the right choice. The gold color is the color that is most capable of creating luxury. The choice of gold color for the wedding dress that you will wear can create an elegant and glamorous impression at one time.


3. Look gorgeous gorgeous with a simple white dress

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If you want to wear a modern wedding dress that is simple but seems luxurious, the dress above can be your inspiration. 3D flower lace motifs in all parts of this dress will make your girly aura more radiant. With these off shoulder and midi sleeves, you will look more maximal and elegant. The dress on the top is also very simple, so it won’t make you look complicated or excessive.

4. Casual look at the wedding, why not?

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Look elegant but still casual at a wedding, why not? This modern wedding dress can be your inspiration, Girls. This navy off shoulder dress with large floral brocade looks very simple but still makes your beautiful aura come out. Uniquely, this beautiful wedding dress you can mix with sneakers. Wow, though elegant, still casual huh?

5. White Hijab Wedding Dresses
Last but not least is the color of a million wedding dress. Why is it called the color of a million wedding gowns? Because this color is the most favorite color as a choice of wedding dresses. Yup in white. The white wedding dress, although it looks mainstream and tends to be less varied, is in fact the color choice most worn by women on their happy days. That is because the white color symbolizes purity, so the white wedding dress radiates the charm of purity in a woman. Besides that white is also the most neutral color and is capable of emitting simplicity.


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