DIY Wedding Decorations For Every Budget

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Weddings in many memorable life events are undoubtedly one of the happiest points in everyone’s life. This means that every bride immediately strives to make the celebration unique and complete.

But wedding planning can be boring. There is an army of wedding decoration ideas that are interested in the budget as well as marching in the head. Sounds like an unmanageable task of preparing tables, creating menus, finding the best places, sending invitations, and creating dozens of small details. But don’t despair. It’s all achievable.

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Tips to help you choose a wedding decoration theme

  • The idea to say “This is me!”
  • Think about the season
  • Eternal decoration before decorating match your decoration with the wedding venue
  • Color your wedding perfectly
  • Traditional or non-traditional wedding
  • simply
  • Remember your budget

DIY wedding ideas

  • Wedding center
  • Lighting
  • Wedding invitation
  • Card holder
  • a wedding ceremony
  • Wedding table

Start from the beginning. What do you and your partner see? Your answer can quickly get rid of your doubts. Other wedding styles are outdoor, indoor, beach, rustic, plump and sophisticated casual. Choose what you like. With style in mind, plan colors and decorations. This place also plays an important role. Emphasize the central theme and stick to tricks that are easy to achieve to create the desired atmosphere. Your wedding plan will turn into joy. Another important thing to consider is the budget. When dealing with limited finances, choose fewer colors and decorations that suit you easily.

Tips for choosing your wedding theme

Endless selection of wedding themes can get confused if you don’t support what you really need on your wedding day. Therefore, you can use this hint to find the right path.

  1. An idea to say “This is me!”
    A wedding is a recent wedding that you do not need to follow. Remember that you are the heart of the wedding. Only your happiness and satisfaction style is important here. Therefore, depending on the evaluation, exchange ideas with partners and have a style that you like and enjoy. Choose between pastel colors and romantic, rustic weddings, subtle and graceful consciousness with candles and roses and a fancy bohemian celebration in the middle of the meadow. Everything is allowed according to your personality and style.

If you look at your living space and lifestyle, you will know what atmosphere you can win in your marriage. If you prefer modern lines and solid color metal palettes, minimalist elegance can be the right choice for you. The wonderful pink soft atmosphere can be a great theme for romantic souls and sophisticated fans, but if you and your loved ones are closer to a relaxed lifestyle, a retro, beach or party style theme Will go to.

  1. Think about the season
    You’ve never thought that the season will help you choose the right wedding theme. Become one of the best allies in a thrilling wedding decoration game. The best thing you can do is to take advantage of the seasons. If you plan to marry in the summer, concentrate on natural flowers and corridor decorations rather than lighting wallpapers. The natural scenery surrounding the outdoor wedding hall can be used as a beautiful decoration for free.
  2. Match the wedding venue and your decoration
    Another thing to keep in mind when decorating is the wedding venue. If you are hosting a beach or garden wedding, you will find lighting items like green spaces, flowers, wreaths, elegant walkways, lace curtains and torch lanterns. However, if you are planning an indoor event, it is recommended to decorate according to the shape of the space. You can see a neutral wedding place by experimenting with themes. If the space already contains various colors and shapes, it is advisable to find nuances and styles that will create cohesion if they already exist.

Timeless decoration stand decoration

It is certain that you will not look like a wedding day circus parade after 10 years after turning your wedding photo album. Trends change over time, but some ideas will keep the style. Instead of striving to make a decoration that reflects the current passion of your favorite band or movie, choose less drama and enrich the old classic. White and pale purple peony bouquets, crystal vases, satin tablecloths and chair covers will not only keep you out of fashion, as well as scented candles and lace accessories. You can always personalize your space with practical details.

4 Color your wedding perfectly
From pastel nuances and solid colors to vivid tones, if everything matches well, it may look beautiful. If you want sophisticated settings, we recommend using a single color. You can get a harmonious overall look. The color scheme is better to follow the main topics of the wedding. Below are some examples of how to choose a color that fits a specific wedding style.

For a modern outdoor summer wedding, the bright yellow, tangerine and orange combination can be imported with a beautiful and refreshing setting.

When choosing this, you should pair with neutral elements such as the white dining table Bona Crystal Dining Set. White and beige bases are really orange and yellow tones that radiate energy.

Countryside weddings have recently become popular with many couples. Navy combined with white tables and chairs, light blue and yellow table decorations create harmony and authenticity at once.

Add a rustic navy and yellow flower arrangement like gerbera daisy and lavender to feel a fantastic vintage atmosphere.

Once you’ve dreamed of an adorable bohemian-style wedding, you can create savvy and sophisticated wedding decorations using cream, gold, pumpkin orange and emerald green nuances.

Of course, it’s a classic that suits individual preferences, but it’s not wrong if you decide on a creative indoor or outdoor event.

For everything of this type, choose everything from white, beige, mint green and light brown with ivory and light gray nuances. You can use this color scheme in various ways, as long as the wedding hall color is medium.

  1. Traditional and non-traditional weddings.
    Wedding types are another thing that can greatly help to determine a wedding theme. Traditional weddings are recommended when the classic spirit is given. Even if they offer a beautiful, simple and elegant touch, you don’t have to give up your personal information. If you are planning a “normal” wedding, give yourself the freedom to experiment a little more freely.
  2. Keep it easy.
    Make sure it is a simple basic guide that wants to be more luxurious than the classic wedding theme. Too much detail and other decorative elements can crowd the space and disrupt the organization. On wedding day, it does not look like a key value. Find what can be the basis of decoration (neutral colors, subtle lines and textures) to avoid this kind of scenario. Also highlight the space in an attractive center or combine several themes that suit your style. If you want an eclectic look, choose a few colors that use the same logic for the jewelry that creates cohesion with each other.
  3. Keep your budget in mind.
    A long wedding budget does not affect the overall look of the wedding venue, as an unlimited budget does not always guarantee the highest level of decoration. However, the budget can be used as a starting guide for planning different styles and decoration items. Make wise choices and don’t throw money in the wind. Learn how to prioritize and think “less is less” is an idea.

DIY ideas

Making all the details of a wedding alone can save you a lot of money. That’s right. These projects require time and effort to become an apprentice bride. Bonus Feature: Choose one of the ideas or combine them to make an interesting DIY wedding plan! Ideas can be grouped by section and moved quickly.

Wedding center

The center can be what you want. Imagination and creativity set the boundaries. The wedding, color palette and overall wedding style will affect the theme. Keep in mind that you don’t have to perform too complex tasks. Simple is recommended. The following are incredible DIY-centric ideas that can be created quickly and amazingly.

  1. Center made of illness

If you are planning a vintage wedding, this is the best and simple centerpiece. You will need 3 empty glass bottles (the color that is different from the other sizes is best), a rustic rope, and a piece of wood for numbering. Fill the bottle with water randomly and put your favorite flowers. Use the wood part to display the table number and completion. You have a perfect wedding heart!

2.Mason JAR idea

We have many bottles somewhere in every house. When decorated with taste, they may look too lovable and gorgeous. Transparent and satin lace around to form the heart of winter. Install with a candle inside. “Wonderful!” Effect-guaranteed. What is your favorite flower? What best suits a bottle at a wedding?

  1. Abnormal box center

A cute box filled with colorful candy, handmade cookies and other souvenirs may be nicely decorated. You can wrap them in paper of the color you like with attractive ribbons. Bonus: Creative idea-You can set the box to display the table number.

  1. Paper flower decoration

Flowers are restricted in winter. In this season the flowers can be experienced too expensive or difficult to find consumables. Ideally, flowers made of tissue or paper can replace real flowers and are just as gorgeous! Bouquets can be placed in other cups or trumpets for a memorable and elegant look.

  1. Carnation Center

Carnation fan? This can be the cutest DIY project. Carnations, candlesticks and oasis blossoms are required for a gorgeous reception. It is practical, easy to make and inexpensive. Is to make the most amazing carnation balloon that every guest can take home. It can match your dress and is neutral to any decoration.

DIY wedding decoration to suit all budgets-lighting

What is the reason for spending hundreds of dollars on wedding lighting when creating this kind of project with the materials you already have at home? Check out the amazing DIY lighting project selected for the perfect decoration below!

  1. Patio lighting

This fantastic decoration can create a modern atmosphere. This ball is cheap. It can also be created with glue and rope.

  1. Rustic chandelier

If you like rustic, vintage and themed weddings, this chandelier can create a reception in another way. You need tree branches, light bulb sockets, wires and glue. It looks a bit complicated, but it takes some time to create a unique chandelier and impress everyone. This is a detail that the customer can never notice.

3.Mason bottle lighting magic

This mason illness is awesome It is great to emit light with cheap christmas lights. Only bottles, lighting and hangers. This lighting is suitable for outdoor weddings.

  1. Romantic bottle lighting

Imagine your wedding being lit by a romantic candle in a silver bottle. Common wine bottles with silver or golden spray can be used. Here is a thin candle that fits this special candlestick and finish. Romantic for those who want to make affordable wedding decorations. It is not expensive to luxury slopgi. This functional decoration can be used on a table or placed in both reception halls to illuminate the road during the first dance.

5.Waterfall light

It features dramatic waterfall shaped lighting. Main table back wall or reception hall, lighting style attached to all walls can be used. If you want a romantic atmosphere, turn off the lights in the venue and turn on the lights at a special moment like the first dance, the first entrance as husband and wife.

Wedding invitation

Do not miss the invitation to the wedding plan.

  1. Classic wedding invitation

A traditional bride wants a traditional wedding invitation. DIY projects are the best choice if you want elegance and sophistication but don’t miss the invitation. Invitation with cute accessories is a necessity for an elegant wedding. Satin lace and beautiful lighting are perfect.

  1. Pokemon invitation

Invitation to those who want a vintage retro touch is a gateway to a good taste and wedding theme introduction. This pochette program looks like a retro wrapping your invitation in a cute panty package. The good detail is the internal mystery, so you have to solve this package to read the lines created by each guest.

  1. Vintage newspaper article invitation

For example, infographics work. View the love story timeline to create a nice wedding invitation.

DIY wedding decoration to suit all budgets-card holder

  1. Golden Love Card

If you like gold and gorgeous details, this idea is for you. Cute, cheap, consumes only patience and technology. This place card holder is painted gold, but you can choose any other color you need.

  1. Folk Place Card

A bent fork made of card holders comes out to show that the simplest idea is sometimes the best idea. Do you agree?

3. Wine cork card holder

Through this DIY project you can create a nice card holder even on a low budget. There will be wine bottles and corks at home. If not, you can easily buy it online and at very affordable prices almost everywhere.

Wedding ceremony

The biggest problem is where to accept the reception. You need to hire an organizer, it can be a cost or you can always try to find and decorate the best place as you like. Let’s look at some examples of how to decorate the reception alone.

The biggest problem is where to accept the reception. You need to hire an organizer, it can be a cost or you can always try to find and decorate the best place as you like. Let’s look at some examples of how to decorate the reception alone.

1.Backyard reception

Hanging lights are also popular for backyard receptions. Check this link for more information on this type of wedding reception.

2.Receiving the mirror

Love quote written in the mirror? Why not! It is literally reflected in love!

  1. Ribbon backdrop ideas

Use some ribbons as a background to emphasize old vintage items. A lovely DIY wedding reception has been completed. Easy and cheap!

  1. All individuals

Your personal touch is the best decoration-some designers and materials can’t even replace it. Photos of the first date, first kiss and first encounter with family make up a great love exhibition.

Wedding table

Nothing is as warm as offering your guests the beautiful comfort that you can relax, dine and enjoy at your wedding party. A special way to house them ready to spend time with you on your big day is to sit at an ornate reception table.

  1. Cute vintage table

This location setting is characterized by the use of wood as part of the center. This setting adds a lot of candles and plates.

  1. Nautical theme table decoration

This place is very cute! Take time to sail to a place of creativity, but a maritime wedding table can be yours.

  1. Vintage lace table decoration

Lace and hemp are also popular at weddings. An affordable table can be set up. No need to waste a nice pottery budget. Use books, mason bottles and favorite flowers to get a rustic vintage feel. Keeping it simple and beautiful will impress your guests.


Your wedding needs to portray your personal taste. Every girl’s dream day is fully designed and decorated. Even if a budget is formulated, creativity shows that you can have a fairy tale place and a fantastic atmosphere. The DIY projects listed here can be customized as needed and combined to create your own style. Do not stop until you have created the perfect wedding decor.

Consider that you worked hard to make a DIY project that can later be used to decorate a new home with your spouse. Check out the Life Storage blog guest articles on the interactive Map My House site to get ideas for home wedding decorations.

Did you choose some wedding themes? What is your favorite decoration? Please contact the comments below!

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