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Wedding invitations will usually present how you and your partner. This makes the selection of invitations should not be arbitrary. Have you ever received an invitation whose concept is far different from the theme of the wedding? It would be nice if the invitation is also adjusted to your wedding theme. Here are some reference designs for wedding invitations for you who are preparing for a wedding

1.Wood Wedding Invitation

Want a wedding invitation that looks more personal. If your wedding budget is quite a lot, this wood wedding Invitation can be an alternative choice. The natural wood texture is also very suitable with the oudoor wedding theme.

2. Stamp Wedding Invitation


The touch of the stamp will make your invitation look look classic, elegant and luxurious. Usually for this stamp contains the initial name of you and your partner.

3. Illustrations of You!


Your invitation will look more personal with this design. Ask the person who used to draw to make an illustration of you and your partner.

4. Rustic Wedding Invitation


The rustic concept is usually associated with the concept of outdoor wedding. Therefore usually the elements that dominate it are those related to nature

5. Floral Wedding Invitation


Invitations with floral themes are very popular these days. Choice of many color combinations, making it easy for brides to adjust to various wedding concepts.

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