Bridal bouquet of flowers to beautify your appearance

Each wedding usually presents a variety of fragrant and beautiful flowers adorn the bride at the aisle. The flower that is tightly held by the bride or commonly called the ‘hand bouquet’, is not just an ordinary flower but it has a deep meaning as to why to use the flower.

Usually the brides choose flowers with romantic colors like white and pink, white which means holy to describe how sacred the celebration they will be doing. Pink or pink is identified with the romantic impression that arises at a wedding. This is some flower for wedding who make your wedding party georgeus.

1. Roses are always the eternal flower as a symbol of marriage

2. Besides roses, we can mix it with other flowers

3. You can choose and mix the flower with full collor

4. If you do not like flowers with a large size, then a minimalist flower like this can be a solution

5. White is still a very sacred color as a symbol of marriage

6. If you want to get out of your comfort zone you can choose flowers with bold colors like the picture below

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