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Wedding cakes cannot be ignored at a wedding. Wedding cakes can make a more interesting and cheerful wedding atmosphere. Moreover, if the cake is a beautiful cake. Here are some inspiration for creating beautiful wedding cakes.


In general, wedding cakes are indeed decorated with beautiful flowers. However, not a real flower huh. The flowers are generally formed using icing sugar. The size of the flower you can adjust to your taste. And, for the colors of flowers can be adjusted to the theme of your wedding. Red rose, for example, is a symbol of a romantic atmosphere. The combination of rose and contrasting white color makes the wedding cake look very elegant.


Ribbon decoration looks quite simple and elegant. The ingredients are still using icing sugar. You can also choose gold or silver colored ribbons so that your wedding cake looks luxurious.


If you are a person who likes traditional art, you can paint batik on your wedding cake. However, don’t do it with canting. So, keep using colorful icing or butter to make batik motifs on wedding cakes.


Well, for this motif is almost the same as batik motifs. But, the brocade motif emphasizes the crossing lines that describe the brocade fabric along with floral or other motifs.


If you are confused about adjusting the theme, then you can make a neat color gradation on the wedding cake. The basic color of blue, for example, is getting to the top, the color of the wedding cake is getting white. This can also be adjusted to the color that dominates your wedding party. Or, you can also use rainbow colors on your wedding cake.


If usually a wedding cake only has one taste, then modifying the cupcake for this wedding cake will make you not get bored tasting it. To not leave the image of the wedding cake, then at the top level still give a touch of a beautiful icing cake as a sign that the cake is a wedding cake.


Next, you can give decorations with flowers on one side so that the effect is similar to a waterfall. Additional artificial pearls and ribbons can make it look sweeter.


This chocolate cake is very simple. This wedding cake is designed for chocolate lovers and is made with chocolate filling. On top of the cake, given a little rasberry or chocolate heart-shaped garnish.

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