A Must-Have Menu in the Indonesian Reception. Let Guests Be Happy!

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Marriage is one of the biggest moments of your life. For that, the implementation of the recipe must be carefully prepared. Not only from the decoration and clothes, but also the food menu. This is also the most awaited guest. Even though there are guests you don’t know, isn’t there any harm in pampering them on your big day?
Whether it’s the main menu, snacks, until the closing, there are always loyal fans of these foods. So that your guests are not disappointed, when you choose to eat, you must be careful. It’s a good idea to choose a menu from 8 of the guests’ favorite foods. What do you think about that? Check out the 8 menus that have been summarized Hipwee below !. This one food is already famous to the neighbor country. Not wrong, the deliciousness of fried rice is reliable
2. Not Indonesian if you don’t eat rice. Rames rice always succeeds to impress guests – don’t forget soy sauce, sweet and sour fish and soup!
3. Angkringan menus are always sought after. One of them, chicken satay and goat which is always flooded queues
4. Who dares to reject fresh meatballs? Want ordinary meatballs or Malang meatballs too, the stomach of guests will remain full
5. School-day snacks are always top. Not wrong if the dumplings are present to satisfy the guests’ nostalgia
6. Don’t forget to put a list of foods that are on the rise again, for example, just zuppa soup
7. Dessert is also a menu that has a lot of fans, especially children. Yup, pudding, fruits, and ice cream are their favorites
Spoil the invited guests needs to be done as a form of gratitude because they have been willing to take the time to attend your wedding reception. The happiness that you and your family currently feel needs to be shared with relatives who have good relations with you. So, it is fitting to give their favorite menus to your party. Besides decoration and clothing, food is one of the things that will be a hot topic for guest talks after your wedding is over.

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