9 Homemade Wedding Decoration Tricks That Make You No Longer Need to Rent a Decorating Service

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Marriage is a special moment in someone’s life, a moment that is always expected to only happen once. Therefore, the preparation was optimal – from far ahead and involved many people. High wedding costs are often unavoidable. But calm down, there are a million ways you can do to save on organizing a wedding.
In addition to making your own souvenirs, now you can also make your own party property. With this, you no longer need to buy ready-made items for decoration. Want to know more? Let’s follow these 8 tricks :

1. Display flowers in a bottle and a bamboo stick. That way, your wedding venue will look cute and unique without having to spend a lot of money

2. Balloons are the mainstay so that the party can look lively. So as not to just round, decorate like a blimp

3. The entrance with ornamental mushrooms is too mainstream. A curtain of flowers mounted upside down will be much prettier.

4. A beautiful display at a wedding does not have to be expensive, just use used bottles and shells. With this, the feel of the ocean can also be more pronounced.

5. Creating an elegant marriage property is easy! You can make old wood with flower decoration now.

6. Shots on the wedding day can look more charming with an old bicycle background decorated with flowers.

7. Papak wood or cardboard decorated in a polaroid photo style can be a mainstay of wedding party property. Occasional invited guests can also be stylish in front of him.

8. Pearls of wisdom and the name of a loved one carved on a leaf is not only easy to make, this decoration also makes your wedding more unique.

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