8 wedding gift references for best friends!

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Confused about looking for a good gift for a friend? Don’t miss some of these unique gift references. Your friends must be happy!

1. Custom beautiful glass. Plain glass yaps are too mainstream for wedding gifts. You can choose a custom glass containing a custom name that is decorated with some other additional souvenirs!

Hasil gambar untuk gelas hadiah pernikahan

2.Cooking utensils. Wow, cooking utensils won’t make you lose money to friends! This is the most important thing in the household!


3. Bedcover. The new bride will be happy if given a new bedcover! You can choose this gift so that your best friend can sleep soundly with his new partner hihihi


4.Hotel Vouchers. Yuhuuu who would not be happy if given a free hotel voucher? You can give this gift to your friends.


5. Vintage Display. For those of you who like the instagrammable style of vintage displays can be an alternative to gifts. Your best friend can put the display in his room, right?


6. Toiletries. Wow, if this is no doubt. Your friends definitely need all the toiletries. You can buy custom towels, soap or anything else.


7. Pajamas. Your friends will be happy if you give them pajamas for them! Don’t forget to choose the unique one!


8. The last one is. Food. Yep, you can make a special home made meal that your best friend likes!


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