5 Options for Pre-Wedding Photo Concepts That Can Be Referred To

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So many choices for pre-wedding concepts that can now be applied. One of the most viral now is doing pre-wedding photos by wearing traditional literature and accessories. However, there are many more concepts that can be explored and developed. Especially for brides who want to pre-wedding more than one session, three to five sessions for example. Let’s look at the following five pre-wedding photo reference choices to make it even more rich in inspiration.

1. Dark dramatic
A dramatic dark concept pre-wedding photo is the type of photo that suits you with class. For example, the following photo with a dark background plus a dim lighting game produces expensive and aesthetically pleasing photos plus an ethnic outfit.

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2. Korean style
If you are a fan of Korean dramas, the tastes of the residents there can be a source of inspiration for those of you who are interested in romantic and fun photo styles. The average bride often takes pre-wedding photographs in the studio using formal suits, women wearing dresses and men in suits. Appropriate clothing that is used poses that were shown were elegant style. From the background, photos are sometimes taken from studios that have various settings. Or outdoor like an old building or in a cafe, so that the photo becomes richer not boring in one place. The matter of styling is also exemplary Korean style that is good at mixing n match all kinds of clothing.


3. Formal elegant
The key that determines whether the results of a good photo has a big effect on appearance. Wherever the destination is not a problem as long as the appearance looks maximal. Similarly, the elegant formal concept that carries formal clothing such as dresses and suits are all pretty and neat. As for the background of the photo, it depends on the studio, which will usually be set according to the agreed concept.


4. Pre-wedding outdoor

From the past until now the grasslands or beaches have never been deserted as locations for shooting until pre-wedding photos. In this place as if a romantic impression is created by putting up all the expressions without knowing the time. Both afternoon and evening shooting can produce good photos.


5. Casual
The concept of casual pre-wedding is predicted to mushroom in 2018. Basically, this concept is more simple focusing on the feel and mood of the couple. For any location can be indoors and outdoors, from the studio or open air.


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