15 Most Bride Hairstyles Trends in 2019, Which One do you choose?

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Usually, the bride will definitely be 10 times busier on her wedding day than the groom. Ranging from dresses, makeup, shoes, to the hair must be very well prepared and beautiful.

Well, if you plan on using an international theme in your wedding, there’s no way you might use a super-large bun on your head? Better, copy 15 hairstyles that are trending in 2019!

1. Although it looks messy from behind, from the front it is more elegant. Especially if you add brightly colored rose decorations.


2. Want to look more glamorous? Use metal decorations.


3. If you choose a rose-like hairstyle like this, it’s sure to match your hand bucket.


4. Simple, neat, but still elegant. Hairstyle like this is enough to attract the attention of guests.


5. If you want to show off your long hair, you can choose this one. The addition of accessories clearly adds to your beauty.


6. Besides using a crown, you can replace it with this kind of accessories, still elegant and certainly beautiful.


7. The braids above like this really attract attention, you know.


8. Besides artificial accesories, using original flowers is obviously very interesting.


9. You don’t want to curl your hair but don’t want to break it down too? This one definitely suits you.


10. Take advantage of your long hair with a model like this, in addition to braids, curly at the top can make it more unique.


11. Hair braiding innovation that is more trendy but also unique. You who have long hair can use this model.

12. Who says you who have short hair have to use connecting hair? This style makes you still naturally beautiful.


13. You who don’t like complicated can use this style, simple but still unique.


14. This one is a typical Cinderella hairstyle. Your hair is still eye catching even though you don’t use a crown.


15. Simple coil braids that are the current trend. Neat and pretty, right?


So which one , girls?

source : idntimes.com

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